Does Amazon's Aurora engine obliterate Oracle's MySQL? – we'll let you know...

I’ve been surprised by the number of web developers I’ve come across that haven’t heard of “Aurora”. For those who don’t know, on 12th November last »

Our Future Stack, or Why we love Knockout, Coffeescript, Redis and Go.

We built the first version of back in 2007 using Adobe ColdFusion. ColdFusion has been great for us, thanks to the speed of development it provided, we were »

CoffeeScript at Teamwork

The first project at Teamwork to use CoffeeScript was the iPad app. Fast forward two years. We now have web, mobile and even desktop apps built with CoffeeScript »

Easy payments with Stripe

Why Teamwork chose Stripe. Over the years we have tried and tested many payment providers; some good and some not so good. As Teamwork evolved we realized that we needed »

Hassle-free third-party dependencies

How do you manage your third-party assets? With my simple setup, all I have to do is run one command and reload the page. Lets take a look at managing »