Choosing the right tools for testing

The power of automation Over the last number of weeks I have been working alongside the Teamwork mobile team. They put a challenge towards me, to build a testing suite »

A Peek Under the Hood of Teamwork Chat

The idea was to build a chat application of our own. A whole new standalone product to raise the bar for team communication and collaboration. From the beginning, Teamwork Chat »

Inside the Belly of the Beast: Building Teamwork Desk

August 26, 2014. The day a repository was created for a product that would soon become the support tool that would drive the industry forward: Teamwork Desk. On March 26 »

Does Amazon's Aurora engine obliterate Oracle's MySQL? – we'll let you know...

I’ve been surprised by the number of web developers I’ve come across that haven’t heard of “Aurora”. For those who don’t know, on 12th November last »

Our Future Stack, or Why we love Knockout, Coffeescript, Redis and Go.

We built the first version of back in 2007 using Adobe ColdFusion. ColdFusion has been great for us, thanks to the speed of development it provided, we were »