Using Cygwin's bash terminal in a JetBrains IDE

JetBrains IDEs are the best. IntelliJ, Android Studio, PHPStorm, PyCharm, and so on. I use IntelliJ Ultimate myself, which is kind of like all of their IDEs in one. One »

Moving To Swift

Preface Virtually every new Apple release leaks in some form. We knew about the Apple Watch months before launch, iOS 7’s designs were literally mocked up prior to release »

Dealing with long paths

You might have been unfortunate enough to learn that Windows has a 256-character limit on file paths. You could've run into this problem locally or on end users' machines. We've »

Spam: You Shall Not Pass!

In Teamwork Desk, we handle about 100k e-mails a week; and where there is e-mail, there is spam. Some say 73% of all email is spam, or approx 14.5 »

Choosing the right tools for testing

The power of automation Over the last number of weeks I have been working alongside the Teamwork mobile team. They put a challenge towards me, to build a testing suite »