Dealing with long paths

You might have been unfortunate enough to learn that Windows has a 256-character limit on file paths. You could've run into this problem locally or on end users' machines. We've »

Spam: You Shall Not Pass!

In Teamwork Desk, we handle about 100k e-mails a week; and where there is e-mail, there is spam. Some say 73% of all email is spam, or approx 14.5 »

Choosing the right tools for testing

The power of automation Over the last number of weeks I have been working alongside the Teamwork mobile team. They put a challenge towards me, to build a testing suite »

A Peek Under the Hood of Teamwork Chat

The idea was to build a chat application of our own. A whole new standalone product to raise the bar for team communication and collaboration. From the beginning, Teamwork Chat »

Inside the Belly of the Beast: Building Teamwork Desk

August 26, 2014. The day a repository was created for a product that would soon become the support tool that would drive the industry forward: Teamwork Desk. On March 26 »